Did Lauren Koslow really Have Plastic Surgery?

Much has been said about Lauren Koslow. She is one of the most famous stars in the United States. Lauren Koslow began her career in acting with a touring theater in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Dial M for Murder. Appearing on the television in the middle of 1980s, she got the role of Lindsay Wells. It was on the CBS soap opera entitled The Young and The Restless that she played from 1984 to 1986. Lauren Koslow was then asked by a number of serial creators such as William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell to take part in an original casting. In this casting, Lauren Koslow played her debut in The Bold and the Beautiful in the spring of 1987. It was in this movie that she was portrayed as a fashion designer Margo Lynley. It was quite successful actually before she decided to begin a family in 1992. Through the 1990s, she was busy with her starring roles in a number of primetime television series, which included The Nanny and Silk Stalkings.

Nevertheless, she was back in 1996 so as to substitute Deborah Adair that left the NBC Days of Our Lives, which led to her spending less time with the family. With all the sparkling career trajectories, Lauren Koslow was fraught with success; there were lots of jobs particularly in the movie enterprise that she took part. However, her career was obviously not free from rumors. It was once rumored that the beautiful actress, Lauren Koslow, took plastic surgery to excel her fascinating look. In fact, there had been a number of rumors on that, particularly unpleasant issue.

What did Lauren Koslow from the Plastic Surgery?

One of the most shocking facts, issued on the internet, was presumably the existence of some pictures which were meant to show the difference between before and after she took the plastic surgery. Not only once did the pictures go on the internet. This was truly shocking for everyone around Lauren Koslow. Then was there any difference at all? The one that was really over? Well, to grapple with this question, it is best to refer to some issue on the internet. The only truth which can be set forward was that the actress indeed looked younger than she actually is. Without any news or further statement by the actress, the Lauren Koslow plastic surgery was treated as a mere rumor. It was truly fabulous how she managed to appear so young and fresh regardless of the fact that she was born on March 9th, 1957. It is then impossible that she can look so without any effort to have the knife work. Even if you consider the other existing methods that can be done to excel beauty, there will be no leeway that can suffice the exceedingly fascinating work of the surgeon. There was the massive buzz that she indeed had the plastic surgery.

What had been said about Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery?

When someone desires to appear younger than they really are, it is the facial look that will be at the highest priority. The facial look is always given the most prominent treatment to get significant change. It is also due to the fact the sign of aging will accrue first on face. Once it was said that Lauren Koslow had botox injection to paralyze the facial muscle so as to slow down the sign of aging.  Of course, this only bestows temporal impact in as much as the sign of aging will persist on and on. Botox injection does not give any permanent impact on aging, and this points out why it has to be applied more than once in a year. The use of botox injection was also rumored to have taken place in Lauren Koslow plastic surgery.